How to embed an iframe into my Notion page 🌎

How to embed your SocialJuice testimonial carousel into your Notion Page.

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1. Copy your code snippet

Click 'Embed carousel' in the socialjuice navigation menu.

For Notion, we only need the embed URL itself, not the whole snippit. So copy the url which in in between the 'src="" quotes.'

2. Adding an iFrame

Add an iFrame to your site directly from the Add panel. You can choose between an HTML iFrame where you enter a code snippet, or Embed a Site if you want to embed a website address into the iFrame.

Click the plus icon in your notion document.

Search of 'Embed'.

Paste your SocialJuice embed snippet in the text box.

Click Apply.

Click 'Embed Link'.

Resize the embed window to you likings.

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